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house alarm companies:transformation from product to solution

Dec 25, 2015

     Today, with the rapid development of the house alarm companies, product and system solutions cover more industry and more close to the user's needs. With the advent of the Internet and digital high-definition era, the original house alarm companies in the introduction of hardware devices, in order to better meet market demand, have launched a whole solution.At present, the major house alarm companies have introduced the trend of the solutions in the background, the market will bring what kind of impact? 

OKorder house alarm companies:transformation from product to solution

     Several stages of house alarm companies

     1, the system integration of the traditional simulation era, the function of the device itself to build a complete system architecture and the corresponding function, the role of software and the overall solution is weak;

2, DVR as the representative of the module with the times of the system integration, users began to focus on DVR's own remote access and network functions, the role of software and solutions to highlight;  


     Solution features of house alarm companies:

     1, the solution to many services in the house alarm companies's own products or systems, third party equipment or system compatibility is not high;

2, the solution itself is not obvious characteristics of the application of the industry;

3, the solution itself has a significant product marks;4, the solution has a strong technical support capabilities, and the system or equipment for their own better adaptability;

5, the introduction of new technologies to solve the new technology is more rapid, more technical prospective;

     At present, many large house alarm companies have launched a solution, but also pay more attention to the product and solutions in the integrated marketing approach.Some manufacturers put forward solutions to the main purpose is to combine the current trends in technology development, in order to better integrate with the integrator to eliminate the traditional security integrator's short board, and enhance the potential value of system integration. 

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