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Home appliance stores how to manage

Dec 25, 2015

Local appliance stores to provide suitable products

     Home appliance chain in order to use the Limited store area resources, in a stable profit and can get the largest cash flow, the brand and products have a certain limit. Rather than pay too high a price to enter the chain stores to some existing products, rather than jump fixed thinking, to find a more suitable product.

     Local appliance stores to find suitable areas

     A market is the manufacturers and businessmen in a hotly contested spot, all resources are concentrated here, all the attention will be placed here. As a relatively small scale, the resources of the dealer, to avoid the positive battlefield, the choice of other regional markets can be more effective.

     Channels to explore the differences of local appliance stores

     Although the home appliance retail terminal occupy the major share of home appliances sales, but we can still see other can be used in sales channels, in large cities, there are a number of distribution companies are currently in the momentum of rapid development, community convenience stores have begun to sell part of a single product value is not high.

OKorder Home appliance stores how to manage

     Way to adjust the management of local appliance stores

     Already in the operation of home appliance chain distributors, need to import some of their basic information management, such as a day to log the changes in the sales of competitors, the use of import, sales, inventory management software to adjust the inventory collocation. In the increasingly fierce competition in the retail terminal, the speed is sometimes more important than the method, so the enterprise internal and external information needs to be highly concerned. The management of retail terminal, there are many things that need to be solved in the first time, such as competitors of the new OTC after must analysis of features, the products in the shortest time selling points and possible threats, develop coping methods, and to all the terminal sales personnel

     Local appliance stores caliber uniform.

     If the main competitors take some promotional activities, but also need to deal with a scheme of rapid molding, follow-up or by other means to obstruct the competitors in the market promotion, but also is the stability of its own sales, "the best defense is a good offense" is often very effective in today's competitive environment. There is also a need to pay close attention to the home appliance chain of personnel adjustment and policy adjustment, the first time after the adjustment to contact with home appliances chain, can be some of the negative impact to a minimum. These are the need to use speed to reflect the efficiency of the link, and the traditional home appliances wholesale management is different.

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