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kinds of integrated kitchen appliances

Dec 25, 2015

     Integrated kitchen appliances is a variety of set hood, gas cooker, disinfection cabinet, cabinets and other functions in one of the kitchen appliances.It has the advantage that there is a space-saving, pumping soot effect.Domestic brands include Meida, wind, Tian Qi Sheng, Jin Li and other brands.

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     Introduction of integrated kitchen appliances:Integrated kitchen appliances is the use of micro air dynamics principle. It adopts the principle of suction side, side suction or deep exhaust negative fluid, let the lampblack magic sucked down, never see smoke rising around the phenomenon of oil fume removal rate reached more than 99.6%.

     In order to  solve the problem that the hood is unable to completely eradicate fumes.Improve the kitchen and home environment, integrated kitchen appliances was born.The product of the hood, cooker, disinfection cabinet, Laran, seasoning blue together,completely eradicated that kitchen fume.To make the last pollution fort was completely broken, it will bring a far-reaching impact on the Chinese food kitchen.With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the continuous pursuit of healthy living.The birth of the integrated kitchen appliances will become the mainstream of the future kitchen decoration 

     kinds of integrated kitchen appliances:

     1: deep type integrated kitchen: the pot rack is concave in, the pot is placed inside, the edge of the pot is sucked in, through the close distance of the adsorption to reach the effect of smoke. This is the first generation of integrated environmental foci.

     2: the suction side integrated stove: This is used in the suction side of the way. Oil fume through the side of the oil fume purifier,so as to play the effect that smoke separation and inhaling fumes ,this is more safe and energy saving which compared to the deep well type.

     3: three smoking integrated kitchen: it can prevent smoking from the left and right or behind.To prevent the draught cuffs take some smoke. Because of the air flow in the stove is relatively disordered, so as to influence the effect of smoke.

     4: side suction modular integrated kitchen: This is the most advanced scientific design structure, solve the problem of the first and two generation of product safety, energy saving, energy saving, energy saving, installation, cleaning, maintenance and other issues.

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