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what is the best pc security

Dec 25, 2015

     What is the best pc security?Below I will give a full explanation.

OKorder  what is the best pc security?


 of best pc security:It is defined as "the data processing system and the technology and management of security, protect computer hardware, software, data is not due to accidental or malicious reasons, and was destroyed, changed, revealed. "

     Storage data of best pc security :The most important in computer security is the security of storage data. The main threats are: computer virus, illegal access, computer electromagnetic radiation, hardware damage, etc..

      Hardware security of best pc security:In the process of using the computer, the external environment has certain requirements, that is, the environment should be kept clean, temperature and humidity should be appropriate, voltage stability, in order to guarantee the operation of computer hardware. Another technology of computer security is the strengthening of technology, the technology of the production of computer shock proof, waterproof, anti chemical corrosion,it can make the computer in the field all-weather operation.

     Common protection strategy of best pc security:

     (1) install anti-virus software

     For general users, the first we need  to do that to install a set of anti-virus software, and regularly upgrade the installed anti-virus software, anti-virus software to open the real-time monitoring program.

     (2) install personal firewall

     Install personal firewall to protect against hackers, to prevent hackers in the network to access your computer, to prevent them to change, copy, destroy your important information. After the installation, the firewall should be configured according to the requirements.


(3) set the password and make the password set as complex as possible.

     (4) do not download unknown software and procedures

     (5) prevention of rogue software

     We need to identify shared software. In the installation and sharing of the software,should read the terms of the agreement, pay special attention to those statements about the installation of other software behavior.

     (6)Shared only when necessary

     Do not set up a folder to share, if you need to share files should be set password, once you do not need to share you should immediately shut down. When shared, the access type should be set to read only, do not set the whole partition to be shared.

     (7) regular backups

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