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what is the definition of electron

Dec 25, 2015

     what is the definition of electron---Electronics is one of the elementary particles constituting atom.Its mass is small, with a unit of negative charge, the number of different atoms has different, for example, each carbon atom contains 6 electrons, each of which contains 8 electrons. The energy is high, and the energy is lower than the core.

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     what is the definition of electron---The electron is a negative charge with Ahara Kokonouchi, usually labeled as E. Electronic lepton with gravity, belonging to the class, the electromagnetic force and the weak nuclear force and other particle interactions. Lepton is one of the basic particle of matter, which cannot be decomposed into smaller particles. Electrons and positrons collide and will repel each other, in this process, the creation of more than one pair of photons. The negatively charged electrons, electron orbiting the nucleus, the same direction speed of interaction force is zero.

     what is the definition of electron---Electrons are negatively charged subatomic particles. It can be free (not belonging to any atom), and it can be bound by the atomic nucleus. The electrons in the atoms are present in a spherical shell with a wide variety of radii and energy levels. The larger the spherical shell, the higher the energy contained in the electron.  

     In an electric conductor,current is produced by the movement of electrons between atoms, and is usually from the cathode to the anode.In the semiconductor material, the current is generated by the motion of the electrons. But sometimes, the electric current is thought to be more illustrative of the electronic movement from the atom to the atom. The atom in the semiconductor is called a hole. Normally, the hole "moves" from the electrode to the negative electrode. 

     what is the definition of electron---New experiments observed that the electron is composed of sub orbital, spinon and Solaana Ko. 

     what is the definition of electron---The electron belongs to subatomic particles in the lepton class. Lepton is considered to be one of the basic particle of matter, which cannot be decomposed into smaller particles. It is with the 1/2 spin, and a fermion (according to Fermi Dirac statistics). Electron charge for e=1.6 x 10 as Coulomb, quality 9.11 x 10 University as a kg 0.51MeV/c L, the energy of 511 x 10 EV, usually is said to e. The electron's anti particle is a positron, with the same mass, energy, spin, and the same amount of positive charge (+1), a negative electron charge of -1.

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