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Sports and health care

Dec 25, 2015

Life lies in the movement, after entering the old age, the scientific and effective law of long-term exercise can effectively regulate the body of the functions of the body, enhance the body's immune system, promote metabolism, prevent the occurrence of various diseases, help to the rehabilitation of certain diseases,  Elderly health care is an important means of health care.

OKorder Sports and health care

     Significance of elderly health care one, to prevent the occurrence of various chronic diseases

(1) can effectively increase the body fat consumption, lower cholesterol, low density lipoprotein, high density lipoprotein, to prevent the occurrence and development of atherosclerosis;

(2) can increase the body's energy consumption, reduce the accumulation of fat, effective weight loss;

(3) it can increase the elasticity of the vessel wall and prevent the occurrence of hypertension;

(4) can enhance the myocardial contractility, and accelerate the recovery of heart function;

(5) it can increase the muscle strength of the patients with cerebral vascular disease, exercise the coordination of the limbs, and speed up the rehabilitation of limbs;

(6) can improve the function of respiratory system;

(7) it can accelerate the rate of gastrointestinal motility, increase appetite and appetite, accelerate blood flow, improve gastrointestinal function;

(8) improving insulin sensitivity and insulin resistance in diabetic patients;

(9) increase muscle and bone strength, strengthen the ligaments flexibility, and enhance joint flexibility.

     Significance of elderly health care two, delay aging

     One of the important theories of aging is free radical theory, free radicals are produced in the normal metabolism, the old man's ability to remove the free radicals, so that the accumulation of a lot of people, eventually leading to cell aging and death. 

     Significance of elderly health care three, enhance the body immunity

     Exercise can stimulate the body's immune system, so that its activity is significantly enhanced, so that the body has a stronger ability to resist the infection of pathogens in the outside world.

     Significance of elderly health care four, to promote mental health

     Sports fitness can effectively improve the old people's bad mood, can make the old people feel happy, vision. Mass sports, such as yangko dance, dancing fitness dance, can strengthen the communication with outside world, dispel loneliness, alleviate depression, so exercise is the clinical treatment of depression and anxiety and some mental diseases.

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