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What is the definition of villa

Dec 25, 2015

     Definition of villa:It is home to the house and used to enjoy life, is the second home and not the first place. There is no clear time starting point for its origin.In ancient China appeared Villa very early.a large Imperial Palace, the palace, a small landowners manor villa, exceedingly wealthy men. Villa abroad has a long history, the modern sense of the villa is mainly from abroad after the industrial revolution development concept. According to its geographical location and different functions, and is divided into: mountain villa (including forest villa), water (river, lake, sea), pasture (grassland) villa villa, estate style villa etc..

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     The latest definition of villa:Detached homes, two to three floors form, called villa. This is a new definition of villa,which is defined by the Ministry of land and resources.

     The broad definition of villa:This "noble" definition, so many people think that live in villas, suddenly found himself are far from the rich.When I look back,the definition of villa suddenly became a mystery. Even what is the villa is also not clear, the ban was announced rather liberal and dignified, douniwan taste.Now, this is the ultimate definition of villa, but let these are excluded from the villa outside the house, feeling a lot of blind.There are five main types of villa on the market now often say: villa, the platoon villa, Shuangpin villa, and air Diepin villa villa. 

     Even the villa understanding is actually not precise.According to the ideas of Ministry of land and resources,villa is not necessarily a villa.If the villa is not "two to three floors in the form" but two to four floors or more, also cannot say is the villa, because it is not consistent with the definition of. This is almost the same as the modern version of "white horse". 

     Up to today, suddenly found the villa definition is not clear, looking through the dictionary at hand is explained in the villa, "in a scenic area or in the suburbs for better housing construction". If one wants to put the villa a horse, rather than direct reference to this interpretation. Because according to this definition, there is no estimate of the villa.

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