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Investigation of common medical conditions in rural areas

Dec 25, 2015

 Today, the economy is the rapid development, the society is thriving, the gross domestic product is increasing year by year, but at the same time, the common medical conditions of the countryside has become a hot issue.Since the government has always been a serious shortage of funds, technology and medical services to the rural areas,which led to the development of its common medical conditions are serious lag.This is like the short board in the short board effect, if there is no reasonable way to remedy, he will further affect the development of the whole country.This paper analyzes and studies the common medical conditions.

OKorder Investigation of common medical conditions in rural areas

     esearch background of common medical conditions:

     Today, China is engaged in the reform of medical system,with the reform of the national medical system,the relevant departments of rural grassroots medical institutions continue to increase, the common medical conditions in rural areas than in the past has been some improvement, but there are still many problems have not been effectively alleviated, such as:The lack of rural medical resources, the lack of professional and technical personnel, the low level of the overall medical level,it is still a very difficult question whether the common medical conditions in rural areas in rural areas can be improved.How to do distribution according to the actual health needs of residents in medical demand, rather than depending on the status and income of residents, how to be fair and objective should be to provide their health service for residents in the allocation of health resources.In terms of medical service: how to solve the difficult and expensive and other important objectives of the reform is still a long way to go.

     Solution:Increasing rural medical and health fund investment. Some poor rural hospital due to a serious shortage of funds is still a dangerous, if there are sufficient funds to build new hospitals can make the common medical conditions in rural areas have a qualitative leap.Therefore, in order to improve the rural medical conditions, the government and relevant departments should further increase the financial investment in rural areas.

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