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Cheap electrical appliances from the installation of life - induced disputes

Dec 25, 2015

 During the Spring Festival,  Xiaoshan District currency field administration Xintang staff  received  the consumer complaints of Wen Lanzhou  entrepreneurs .And they said:on February 7, 2015,his sister who Lived near Xiaoshan commercial city bought a gas water heater in the new century Hangzhou .The new century Hangzhou market is a famous base of cheap electrical appliances.A lot of people know that place, and go there to buy things.And also on February 7, 2015,My sister and her husband installed the gas water heater and put it into use to have a bath. My sister and her husband passed out in the bathroom.As a result, they are still hospitalized in the hospital, and the use is nearly one million of the medical expenses, so far.Therefore, the gas water heater belongs to the cheap electrical appliances and has the quality question, request the dealer to bear all medical expenses

OKorder Cheap electrical appliances from the installation of life - induced disputes

     After receiving the complaint, Xintang market supervision immediately organized in conjunction with the gas water heater operators to the consumer's home site survey. After verification, to understand the consumer bought a gas water heater which is a value of 20 yuan and with an unknown brand.There is no standard installation requirements and solutions on the cheap electrical appliances. In addition, the couples are  lack of oxygen and carbon poisoning consciousness, when the husband found his wife in Shenyang in fainted in the bathroom, thought is physical cliff led to his wife woke up, her husband also fainted result into the shower in the bathroom.Thanks to her family  that it did not lead to the disaster which was caused by  the cheap electrical applainces

   So the harm of the cheap electrical appliances is obviously.

   To this end, the Xintang market regulators to remind consumers to buy safety gas water heater.  They must first buy a regular shopping malls have the production license, inspection certificate, certificate of product. Second must be installed by the manufacturer or professional. At the same time to remind the operators, consumers buy gas water heater should be informed that consumers and should not install cheap electrical applainces.

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