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Disadvantages of black kitchen appliances

Dec 25, 2015

 一、Deep black kitchen appliances are subvert the traditional design.It advocates the integration and the concept of environmental protection is very moving, but its own weaknesses.Such as: cleaning difficulties, unable to effectively separate the fumes, low efficiency, easy to accumulate oil, use the type of pot is limited, can not do high temperature anti-virus, etc.. Deep - well - style black kitchen appliances look fresh.Seems to subvert the traditional revolutionary; in fact, it is precisely this point by the consumer's eyes, so many consumers buy too late for regrets.

OKorder Disadvantages of black kitchen appliances

     1, some brands of black kitchen appliances, the problem is: once the quality of the problem is not easy to repair. For cleaning, some black kitchen appliances have been very convenient, but there are some brands to engage in health, accumulate in the frying pan. Seasoning powder, cooking and food scraps around the rotating shaft part, the formation of the sewage dirt are difficult to clean.

     2,Part of the black kitchen appliances seem to save energy at first glance, actually take a lot of heat in the fume suction at the same time, a waste of energy. Who did the test: open the hood when boil a kettle of water to 7 minutes, without smoke when the boil a kettle of water as long as 4 minutes; some integrated stove has improved air through the design calculation, does not exist the problem of gas fee.

     3,The biggest drawback of black kitchen appliances is: turn pot cooking, a food bowl,brush pot seasoning, frying oil, food crumbs, soup is easy to splash gather around the stove; this is the user should pay attention to and change.

     4,Some brands of black kitchen appliances, flames from the suction port is near, easy inhalation chamber to the existence of security risks; some products already have a firewall function.

     二、The suction side of the black kitchen appliances, easy to clean, but the noise problem.

     The suction side of the black kitchen appliances,easy to clean but need cleaning every day, or a few days will look dirty smoke purifier. Noise problems, because the turbine in the following to smoke as much as possible to increase the power, increase the power of noise will be generated.

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