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Moral contract of restaurant equipment suppliers

Dec 25, 2015

In order to ensure the smooth operation of the company's material procurement and supply,the relevant provisions of the company's notice to the restaurant equipment suppliers.My company's procurement work is divided into 4 parts:

OKorder Moral contract of restaurant equipment suppliers

     1,The product management department is responsible for opening the application form and acceptance work.

     2,The purchasing department is responsible for the work of the price and the price of the goods in three, negotiate a good price with suppliers, select the most appropriate restaurant equipment suppliers, and assign the buyer to the site to buy or let the restaurant equipment suppliers deliver to the door.

     3,The buyer has no right to negotiate price, such as changing the purchase price, purchase location to be applied to the purchasing department.

     4,The Ministry of finance has set up a full - time parity member, through the telephone to find the price, the market seeking price, etc., to determine whether the purchase price is reasonable, if the price is not reasonable, I will give the buyer a certain punishment, the supplier to suspend the purchase, stop the contract and so on.

     My company's restaurant equipment suppliers must comply with the professional ethics standards in their work:We shall not have any personal financial dealings with our purchasing personnel (including gifts, dinner parties, giving rebates, etc.), once found, my company has the right not to pay the supplier any money, always stop the supplier qualification, the supplier should bear all the losses caused by this, and I am the buyer for the expulsion.When the supplier delivers goods, it is necessary to hold the delivery order and the tax bureau official invoice.The goods delivered are not in conformity with the specifications, the quality is bad, the hotel can be rejected, and any loss shall be solely responsible for the supplier. Please deliver the specified date according to the hotel regulations.

     Basic documents: food production license / food circulation permit, quality inspection report, business license, tax certificate, organization code certificate.If there are other circumstances, such as claiming to be organic food / green food / non public hazard food, they need to provide the relevant proof.

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