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Audi innovation car technology unveiled the international ces 2015

Dec 25, 2015

    On the eve of the international ces 2015,Audi autopilot technology successfully complete road test drive.

OKorder  Audi innovation car technology unveiled the international ces 2015

     In the world's most influential consumer electronics event -international ces 2015,Audi with six major innovative technology has attracted the eyes of the world. Audi in innovation "autopilot", "driving auxiliary", "operation and display", "infotainment", "Audi connect Internet technology", "lighting technology" is to the world proved that car is no longer a simple means of transport, but rather a connected with the life "mobile devices", which also once again fully demonstrates the Audi in the field of automotive technology leader.

     As the biggest highlight of the international ces 2015,An Audi A7 automatic driving concept car travelled From the Stanford University in Silicon Valleyto Las Vegas, completed 900 kilometers (about 560 miles) open road test.This model with a powerful zFAS processor, the vehicle will be collected from the road data collected to the cloud platform, after processing and then return to the car. Through the continuous expansion of the database, the Audi A7 has become a veritable smart car".

     In the international ces 2015,Audi also shows that the driving operation becomes more comfortable, more convenient and innovative R & D results. Take a new generation of Audi TT and a new generation of Audi Q7, for example, the driver only needs to send voice commands (for example, "take me to the nearest Italy restaurant"), the car navigation system will immediately show the corresponding route. In addition, a new generation of Audi Q7 with a new MMI touch panel all-in-touch, can achieve the scrolling and zoom effect of smart phones, and generate a sensitive tactile feedback when the user input.

     In addition to innovative technology,iIn the international ces 2015,Audi also shows four charming new models: a new generation of Audi Roadster TT, Audi Sportback 7 RS, Audi LMX R8 super sports car and specifically for the current international consumer electronics show (CES) to create an Audi piloted driving prologue automatic driving concept car.Audi has been actively involved in the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for five consecutive years, and strive to lead the automotive industry with scientific and technological innovation, to provide global consumers with the future of automotive mobile solutions.  

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