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What is the definition of telecommunications

Dec 25, 2015

     The definition of telecommunications in the international telecommunication union organization law, the Convention and the administrative regulations is: telecommunications is the use of wired, wireless, optical or other electromagnetic systems to transmit, transmit or receive symbols, signals, text, images, sounds or any other nature of the information.The Telecommunications Regulations of the people's Republic of China basically follow the definition of the telecommunications: the use of wired and wireless electromagnetic systems or optoelectronic systems, transmission, transmission or reception of voice, text, data, images and other activities of any form of information.

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     Correspondingly, the telecommunications industry is engaged in the development of telecommunications related technology, equipment manufacturing, facilities construction, service and management of various types of economic. It is generally divided into telecom manufacturing and telecom operators. There is no significant difference between the major R & D, manufacturing and other activities of the telecom industry and the general research and development and manufacturing, while the telecom network operation and telecom services are different from other industries. 

     definition of telecommunications---Economic characteristics of telecommunication industry.

     Telecommunications industry is closely related to social concern and the strict control of administrative power, which is closely related to the national economy, economic development and national security. In the content of this section, the paper will mainly analyze the economic characteristics of the telecommunication industry and its development trend.

     definition of telecommunications---The economic characteristics of the telecommunication industry are determined by its technical characteristics. From a technical point of view, the traditional telecommunications industry has a horizontal and vertical network characteristics, the vertical network industry dependence characteristics and heterogeneous substitution characteristics, etc..

     definition of telecommunications---Natural monopoly of telecommunication industry

     The unique technical characteristics of the telecommunication industry, which are different from other industries, are determined by its unique technical characteristics. Because of the scale economy, scope economy, the cost of the economy, the high cost of fixed cost and the reasons of the technical and economic reasons, the telecom industry has been considered as a natural monopoly industry. The economy and the scope economy is the necessary condition for the establishment of the natural monopoly, and the cost of the precipitation is two to maintain the condition of natural monopoly.

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