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definition of chemical engineering

Dec 25, 2015

   Before understanding the definition of chemical engineering, we should understand its development history.Ancient people's lives more dependent on direct use,or extract what is needed.Because of the inherent properties of these materials can not meet people's needs, they have a variety of processing technology, the natural material into a variety of new material, and gradually put into practice in the scale of industrial production.At first, the production of this kind of product is a manual workshop, and later evolved into the factory, and gradually formed a specific production sector, the chemical industry. 

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   Definition of chemical engineering 1:Refers to the nature of the creator. The language of Han Fu "roc" Jia Yi: "heaven and earth and the furnace come, good fortune to work." Tang Zhen "Spring Cicada" poem: "I'm from east to Japan, Yan bitter spring birds. A pity not chemical, sent Spring Cicada students." Song Fancheng "litchi Fu": "in a clock with beauty, at the difficult chemical." Yuan Yuanhuai "spring day tours" of the poem: "the plum is too thin so the chemical powder, help the flower color." Wang Shizhen of the Qing Dynasty "Yuyang poetry" volume: "Yu Yinsi" poem "three hundred articles, as the chemical of Xiao material."

   Definition of chemical engineering 2:the natural formation of handicraft.

   Definition of chemical engineering 3:Chemical industry, chemical engineering, chemical engineering, chemical engineering unit operation and other terms, usually refers to the chemical industry or chemical engineering.

   Understanding the definition of chemical engineering, we come to understand the chemical materials.ndustrial and agricultural production and the improvement of life, are not separated from the material.Although the number of materials is many, if the chemical composition of classification, can be summarized as metal materials, inorganic non-metallic materials and polymer materials three categories. There are also fourth major categories of composite materials, or as a class of new materials derived from the three categories. In general, in addition to the metal is the metallurgical sector production of products, the rest are chemical production materials.

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