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An article on applied chemistry definition

Dec 25, 2015

     What is the application of chemistry?What is applied chemistry definition?Let's get together to understand.

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     Applied chemistry definition:Applied chemistry is a basic knowledge, basic theory, basic skills and knowledge of engineering technology. It has scientific thinking and scientific experiment training. It can also be used in scientific research, teaching work and management in scientific research, teaching and management.

     The application of chemistry is a discipline of chemical engineering and Technology (national first level discipline). It is divided into two levels of three disciplines: Fine Chemical Engineering, polymer engineering, applied electrochemistry.

     After understanding the applied chemistry definition, as a professional student, we must grasp what knowledge?

     The students mainly study the basic knowledge, basic theory, basic skills and knowledge of engineering technology. It is a scientific thinking and scientific experiment training. It has good scientific literacy. It has the basic skills of applying the knowledge and experimental skills to the application research, technology development and technology management.

     Graduates should acquire the following knowledge and abilities:

     1 master the basic theory and knowledge of mathematics, physics and so on.

2 to grasp the basic knowledge, basic principle and basic experimental skills of inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, chemical engineering, chemical engineering and chemical engineering.

3 to understand the general principles and knowledge of similar majors

4 to understand the country's policies and regulations on science and technology, chemical related products, intellectual property, etc.

5 to understand the theory of chemistry, the application prospect, the latest development trends, and the development of chemical related industries.

6 master foreign language information query, literature retrieval and use of modern information technology to obtain the relevant information of the basic method has a certain experimental design, to create experimental conditions, induction, collation, analysis of experimental results, writing papers, the ability to participate in academic exchanges.

     According to applied chemistry definition,this professional set up the following courses:Main courses: "inorganic chemistry", "Analytical Chemistry", "organic chemistry", "Physical Chemistry", "structural chemistry", "fine organic chemicals", "polymer chemistry", "Applied Electrochemistry", "rare earth chemistry", "functional materials", "chemical engineering", "Modern Separation Technology". [1] "industrial catalysis", "Materials Chemistry", "Introduction to nano materials", "fine organic synthesis", "fine chemicals", "chemical kinetics"

     The main practical teaching links: including the production practice, graduation thesis, etc., generally 20 week 10 week.

     Friendship to mention to you: regardless of learning any course, you must first understand applied chemistry definition

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