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Consumer electronics distributors distribution trends

Dec 25, 2015

       Consumer electronics distributors distribution trends one:Green technology has become one of the sources of consumer electronic product innovation

OKorder Consumer electronics distributors distribution trends

       The electronic manufacturing industry's green project first started in the production and manufacturing and components of lead-free, and later the EU consumer electronics distributors proposed WEEE and RoHs to improve the status of the green market access. At the same time, in many industries, the energy conversion efficiency and other concepts have been to the forefront of product competition. ICT industry awareness of energy saving and emission reduction, also in the continuously rising, Intel and amd two chip giant and a large number of systems manufacturers have to green.

       Consumer electronics distributors distribution trends two: small,  and beautiful

      "Small is beautiful" is written by the German economist Ernst Sue Maher in 1973, a sensational global economics monograph, in the electronics industry is also due to SONY's "Walkman" and other products have been confirmed. And in 2008 and 2009 in the market, a lot of portable electronic products will improve end-user experience to make a big fuss, the portable, fashion and technology play to the extreme, beyond the "small is beauty", reflecting the "small and beautiful" the industry development trend.

       Consumer electronics distributors distribution trends three: Internet changes in consumer electronics product definition and design ideas

       Today, many consumer electronics products are set up to play the Internet brand. Such as Apple's iPhone, you can use Wi-Fi to play video streaming media from the YouTube collection. Japan's electronics manufacturers recently launched a digital camera, in addition to the common "Avatar", etc., but also increased the "eBay photos" and "YouTube video" and so on fixed camera mode, the Internet has become a part of the consumer electronics products. National Television Academy of Arts and Sciences (NATAS) at CES issued the 59th Emmy technology and Engineering Awards, many prize was awarded to the broadcasting technology and program outside of the emerging technologies and vendors, interactive multimedia television is the winner of high yield area, and more concern is award-winning Internet enterprise or its products, such as Linden Lab's second life , Blizzard's War craft, Disney Online and so on that Blizzard's president in the award-winning speech said he did not expect to receive an Emmy, indicating that the Internet on the consumer electronics industry impact beyond our imagination.

       Consumer electronics distributors distribution trends four: integrated design of service, network, content and consumer electronics

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