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what are racks

Dec 25, 2015

   What are racks?Hangers are used to wearing clothes rack.

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In China, the "dry rack" generally refers to the "lifting clothes hanger". It is divided into manual, electric. Manual (manual) is more popular. Electric failed to popularize,It is due to the entire industry is not mature technology and the limitations of after-sales service. It is mounted on the ceiling, unlike small appliances as easy to move to maintenance. Or manually (manual) is the market leading.

   What are racks?What is its history?

   The coat hanger was invented by a worker who named Albert Moorhouse Parke.At that time,he is a worker in a small company of American.He is the blacksmith who is responsible for making the lamp shades.One day he found that the coat hooks had been fully occupied,he took a lead wire bent into a coat shoulder shape, and add a hook on it.This invention has been appropriated and patented by his boss,this is the origin of the clothes hanger.

   What are racks?What is its technological process?

   Production of wood racks with the wood, its dry humidity in general should be below 18 degrees,The drying process should be carried out before use.If funds allow, you can hoard wood,it is best to dry naturally (this requires a lot of capital backlog).The production process of wooden hanger is mainly:rough, matte, paint, assembly.

   What are racks?What are the types of it?

   Plastic hanger:1, the processing is easy, the cost is low

.2, the quality of light to take and carry.

3, rich colors of the world to the world.

    wooden hanger:1, give people some feelings such as close to natural, warm, elegant .

2, unique texture, not the same visual experience.3, the cost of general.4, the material itself has no pollution to the environment.

   There are other types of hangers.:cloth hanger, steel hanger, flocked hanger.

   What are racks?What is its future?

   Only quality is received by the public, the industry is sustainable and healthy development. In other words, as long as the function, quality is generally recognized, the clothes hanger will become a necessity for people living.

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