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how to remove paint from cabinets

Dec 25, 2015

How to remove paint from cabinets?Here, I'll share some simple tips with you.

OKorder how to remove paint from cabinets

   How to remove paint from cabinets?What are we need to do first?

   Before using the remove agent, you should spend a little time to paint with industrial alcohol and natural paint thinner to check the furniture.The paint of old furniture is generally shellac varnish or natural paint,but it is difficult to see only by sight.Compared with natural shellac varnish paint, it is relatively clear. Like varnish, but it's easier to get rid of. Take time to test the paint can significantly shorten the follow-up operation of the moment.

   How to remove paint from cabinets?---Dissolution

   We can use industrial alcohol to remove shellac,and use paint thinner to remove natural lacquer,to remove the paint,it is not necessary to use chemical compounds.

   How to remove paint from cabinets?---brush coating

   With a brush or a disposable brush, put a proper solvent onto the regional furniture.Let alcohol or diluent effect for 5 to 10 seconds, and then use a piece of cloth or silk scouring wipe. If the paint is easy to rub off, you can remove all of the paint with alcohol or thinner, without the use of paint and varnish. The operation should be quick - alcohol and diluent evaporates quickly. Each cleaning in a small area, and often in rags, avoid the old paint was again rubbed on the furniture. 

   How to remove paint from cabinets?---Scratch

   Scrape the paint, put all the furniture with a scraper scraping to remove any residual paint again.Furniture scraper is the best tool, or we can use 100 clean silk soaked in thinner. Along the wood grain, to be careful not to scratch the wood. If it is necessary to polish the wood. During the grinding process, we don't have to push hard. In the grinding, furniture can be sealed, bleaching, bleaching or paint.

   A defect of natural paint thinner and industrial alcohol, they are only useful for lacquers and shellac.If the old paint is varnish or paint, or dyeing under shellac varnish or natural paint, you will have to use the paint and varnish removing agent, then you need more tips.

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