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what color is granite

Dec 24, 2015

Granite is a relatively hard stone, so it is often used to make the floor or furniture,the color of granite in different places is not the same.What color is granite?Let's get together to understand.

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   What color is granite?

   Due to the different composition of minerals,the colors of different granite will be different.White granite, mainly is the alaskite of granite.Red granite, potash feldspar is the main component of the red granite, while the potassium isotope -40 (40K) is a radioactive element.In the green granite,sometimes contains a bright beautiful green, green, blue and green special minerals - Milky way.

   What color is granite?Granite can be classified according to the common color,it can also be classified according to the output of the granite.The common colors of granite  are: white, black, red, gray, green.Then, according to these systems, the granite can be classified into more detail,such as Ji'nan green, black stone into the black granite classification, such as ruby red, the Great Wall, etc. are all areas of the red granite. And according to the output of granite is described, can better distinguish between granite, such as India, South Africa platinum, red and so on, these are divided according to the origin of granite.

   What color is granite?In addition to the color of the stone itself,with different processing,the color of granite will have a slight difference.Generally speaking, the same kind of stone,the color of the smooth surface is darker than the color of singeing surface and particle surface or other rough surface.It also affects the use of stone.

   What color is granite?What colour granite is good?

   Now,the collocation of black and blue has become a popular collocation,the collocation of light and dark is also a good choice.In fact, the most important is to look at the individual's interests and needs,no matter what kind of color, as long as you feel satisfied,and the style of the decoration is tie-in

,that is OK. 

   Different colors of granite have different radiation intensity.Generally, the radiation of the green granite and white granite is large. 

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