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Types of tire

Dec 10, 2015


the effect of support the entire weight of the vehicle, car under load; Transfer the traction and braking torque, to ensure that the wheel and road surface adhesion; Reduce and absorb the vibration and impact of the car while driving, prevent violent vibration and early damage of the auto parts, to adapt to the high speed of the vehicle performance and reduce the noise of cars, to ensure driving safety and handling stability, comfort, energy conservation and economical efficiency. Here is how to explore the types of tires. 

   Tire type is varied. If according to its structure, divided into oblique line tires, radial tire. Radial tire with diagonal line tire's fundamental difference is that a fetus. Oblique line tire tire body is diagonal lines cross body cord; And meridian tire tire body is polymer material overlapping layers, the top is number by steel wire woven layer of steel strip curtain, may reduce the risk of tires were foreign body prick. 

   For two types of tires, tell from the design, the oblique line tire has many limitations, such as strong friction due to the cross of cord, make body easy heat, thus speeding up the tire wear, and the cord layout cannot well provide excellent handling and comfort; While the radial tire steel wire belt has good flexibility to adapt to the road of irregular impact, and durable, it also means that the fabric structure in the car, there are much smaller than oblique line friction, thereby gaining a longer service life of tire and better fuel economy. Bias tire cord according to slash cross arranged, so its name. Characteristic is the strength of the tread and sidewall is big, but the tire lateral stiffness is bigger, comfort is poor, because of the high speed mobile and friction between cord fabric layer is big, not suitable for high speed. As incremental improvements were made in the radial tire, bias tire can be washed out basically. 

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