Tire price

Dec 10, 2015

   Want to know the tire price, first understand the role of the tire and specifications. Tires are grounded on all kinds of vehicles or machinery assembly rolling circular elastic rubber products. Tire is one of the most important components on the car, it mainly include: support the entire weight of the vehicle, car under load; Transfer the traction and braking torque, to ensure that the wheel and road surface adhesion; Reduce and absorb the vibration and impact of the car while driving, prevent violent vibration and early damage of the auto parts, to adapt to the high speed of the vehicle performance and reduce the noise of cars, to ensure driving safety and handling stability, comfort, energy conservation and economical efficiency. Tires, there are many kinds of types, but tires price of each type is not same. 

   Soar team tire how much is it? To soar team owners need to change the tire of the broken, or to demand higher modified soar team owner of the vehicle, are an important part of the concern: tire price. But soar team tires of different sizes of different brand of tire prices are different. 

   Rim diameter: 16 inches 17 inches of 14 15 inch tread width: 205 mm to 195 mm 195 mm235mm, load index: 91949786 Hankook/Hankook KUMHO/KUMHO Michelin Continental/German/Michelin Continental Bridgestone/Bridgestone fly sandler DunlopTOYOTIRES/Oriental and exquisite PIRELLI tyre/PIRELLI Goodyear racing wheel nexon 2012 soar team automatic fashion version 1.6 L 205/55 r16 tire specifications, prices of pain brand different purchase channels is not the same, I see the tyres 360 and taobao,  soar team tire prices range 400-700, look at your choice, for your reference. 

  Dunlop LM703440, PIRELLI P7400 PIRELLI, Michelin PRIMACYLC710. To see soar team tire price is how many money, there are two options, one is inside the car have a website online to consult, or is in taobao search, online consulting in the inside of the car have a is a national chain stores the tire price, buy tires more secure, goods prices are for reference only.

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