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Fire truck manufacturer and maintenance

Dec 10, 2015

   Fire truck manufacturer is a big project. For the fire brigade, everybody will be familiar. Fire engines is also known as fire trucks (foreign names: the fire engine), appeared in 1518, is specially used for fire fighting purposes or other emergency rescue vehicles. Fire can be divided by function pump truck (pumped) a car, truck and other special vehicles. Fire truck is equipped with a variety of fire equipment, fire fighting apparatus of the floorboard of the various types of fire fighting vehicle, is currently the fire forces to fight the fire's main tool, is the most basic mobile fire fighting equipment. So what is the fire truck manufacturer? 

   About 40% of the nation's high-end truck, about 70% of Australia's transportation vehicles, is the dongguan company that specialized automobile production enterprises - forever strong automobile manufacturing co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "forever strong car"). Enterprise which was established in 1992, the first from the ground storage tanks started with manufacturing and then developed fire truck manufacturer market, by acquiring more well-known brands abroad, become one of the domestic high-end fire truck manufacturers representatives. Fire engine manufacturing late, of course, also need to maintain, such ability of normal activities. 

  Fire engines require constant maintenance to keep the vehicle condition is normal. General drivers tend to maintain this thing is very big, because know the car did not maintain open now, but very heartache for maintenance and pay bills. Normally the oil every 10000 km or change once a year about, brake oil every two years in, and gear oil need to change the time is longer. In addition to these three kinds of oil have relatively fixed maintenance mileage, what other clutch oil, power direction of oil and water tank, etc are added or replaced as appropriate. So, when the fire truck manufacturer, some relevant considerations will be noticed. Maintenance for fire engines, as well as each of the firemen need to be careful all the time. 

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