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Tires review

Dec 10, 2015

   Tires in use process, need to periodically the tires review. So the relevant departments will formulate some tires censorship rules. These rules applicable scope of products: car radial tyre, car bias tyre, truck bias tire, truck radial tires, motorcycle tires. And tire review certification model for the initial factory audit supervision after + + certification, product sampling inspection. Is the basic requirement for the implementation of certification certification application, apply for cell division. In principle the same manufacturer, same product series, the same structure for an application unit. 

   In the tire review process, need of application documents and apply for certification shall be submitted to a formal application and enclose the following information: whatsoever that the registration certificate of materials; The trademark; The main raw material supplier list, quality management documents, supporting documents directory; Product production, safety performance index on the basis of the standard; Product structure, technical parameters description: tire or the radial tire, inner tube and tubeless, specifications, level, load, speed or load index level; 6. Main equipment for the production/testing, instrument list; 7. Other data. 

   In general, tire product sampling inspection qualified rear can factory audit. According to the needs, product sampling inspection and factory in tire review can be simultaneously. Select representative samples should apply for certification unit, and the normal batch production by the factory quality inspection departments qualified product extracted. The sampling personnel designated by the certification body. (note: the test samples and related data disposal) after test, should be disposal has been recognized by the qualified samples in the proper manner and/or related information. Tire review is, therefore, need to various, and strict, so must be careful. 

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