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Container manufacturer and introduction

Dec 10, 2015

   Container manufacturer, as the name implies, is the place where container manufacturing. Of course, in the process of manufacturing, also can have a lot of rules. According to the existing laws and regulations, especially put forward: catalogue of special equipment (no. 114, 2014), pressure pipes, refers to the use of certain pressure, tubular device for conveying gases or liquids, the range of maximum working pressure is greater than or equal to 0.1 MPa (table), medium for the gas, liquefied gas, steam or flammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive, the highest working temperature is higher than or equal to standard the boiling point of liquid, and nominal diameter greater than or equal to 50 mm. It's largely specifies container manufacturers in the production process strictly. 

   Heze peony high pressure vessel co., LTD., is a good container manufacturer, was founded in 1985, is located in full, the spirit of the central plains hinterland, the hometown of Chinese peony - heze city of shandong province, east expressway in the north east straight to rizhao port, wide economic high-speed north tong (3 hours drive) from jinan jinan south to south China, LAN expressway to the west (3 hours drive) from zhengzhou zhengzhou, railway rail and LongHaiXian railways here (18 km away from the company) through the territory, the transportation is convenient, can be well versed in north and south, east and west. 

   Kao company now mainly for chemical, fertilizer, metallurgy, oil refining, gas, pharmaceutical, coal chemical industry, power plant, ammonia refrigeration and other industries to provide non-standard pressure vessel equipment such as series and metal structural design, manufacture, installation and sales of professional suppliers. Company strong technical force, advanced equipment, has a perfect quality management system. In the rapid development of science and technology today, so the container manufacturer company breakthrough self, to become a relatively severe container manufacturer company. 

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