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Container model and production

Dec 10, 2015

   When it comes to container model, you certainly will be familiar. And the product model making is an important link of the industrial design process, also the tool of creative designers, design and product the stereo modelling of paper built a bridge, with different materials, tools and processing method to product design performance for a three-dimensional entities of the form. So, if you want to do the container model, you must first understand what is the role model design.


    The role model of manufacturing: (1) can fully three-dimensional form design, true to show the product form, structure, color, texture, materials, etc. (2) through physical and image visual differences, further development and perfect design, and verify its rationality. (3) through the senses the actual touch can test the adaptability, operational and product modeling and man-machine environment relations, to obtain a reasonable man-machine effect. (4) to provide a real language to design communication, design of product to do a full analysis and discussion. To determine the production target. Just to understand its role, the production of gypsum model of container model as an example. 


   The step1, prepare two plastic containers, a large and a small, 2, first made three or four highly as gypsum block, any shape, as long as you can put the stability, 3, will be open gesso block distribution inside the big basin, then pour half of water inside the big basin, and then the gypsum powder evenly scattered into the pot, gypsum powder completely after absorbing water, the small bowl filled with sand, put inside the big basin, the small basin of the gypsum slurry pressure within the big basin with until the overflow to the four big basin, placement of gypsum slurry solidification. 4, after about half an hour can remove large and small basin, then plaster container overflow edge of light, a plaster container is ready. So a container model is completed. You also try to do it.

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