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Truck review

Dec 10, 2015

   The truck driving after a period of time, the need for truck review, to ensure that standards. Through the implementation of the AUDIT evaluation system, to the technology, quality, manufacturing defects is pointed out that the quality of the vehicle, determine quality control direction, facilitate departments timely and effective rectification, to erect and strengthen confidence in the market, guide the market. The purpose of this review is the truck. So in the process of truck review, review and include what? 

   Vehicle quality evaluation content includes: the vehicle and the vehicle dynamic static accreditation of two parts, static review 2.5 H/m, dynamic 3.5 H/a (not including vehicle preparation and review time sorting records, prepare the report on time). Though truck review content is very simple, but in the review process is very strict. 

  Of course, in the truck review the specification, standard appearance for the vehicle quality review area definition: "A" area: external: 500 ~ 1900 mm in height from the ground and alloy/polishing wheel inside: passengers shut the door after the visible area and shut the door after all you can see from the inside part. "B" area: external: from the ground to 500 mm in height and internal: greater than 1900 mm in height or the roof frame/within plate (500 ~ 1900 mm in height from the ground). Note: hinge area belongs to the "D" area. "C" area: internal: inside the frame/board (the ground to the 500 mm height and larger than 1900 mm height), including: truck door panel, truck frame, small refueling door panel and frame, pickup cargo inside surround a part (including), skylight launder, door panel, door frame, luggage. Note: hinge area/belong to "D" at the bottom of the door panel area. "D" area: the hinge of the door and door frame area, at the bottom of the door panel, pickup trucks or trucks carrying area, engine warehouse, water tank bracket (beam), before the fender launder, inside the front cover board, SUV column "C" at the back. 

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