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The price of leather and identifying method

Dec 10, 2015

If you want to know the price of leather, you first need to understand the knowledge and the classification of leather, but also know the production process of leather. Stripped down directly from the animals is processed raw hides, rawhide through all kinds of processing technology is made and be become known as leather. It covers the leather, footwear, leather, leather, fur and products industry such as subject, and leather chemicals, leather, metal, leather machinery, accessories, and other supporting industries, high correlation between upstream and downstream. So, for different specifications, different materials and different production process of material, the price of the leather is not the same. 

   As people living standard rise, driven by the market, products are evergreen. I think usually hairy skin, hair removal for leather. Leather is the hair removal and tanning and other physical, chemical processing of animal skins have been modified non-perishable. Leather is made of natural protein fiber in the three-dimensional space of tightly woven, its surface has a special grain layer, has the natural grain and gloss, feel comfortable. Of course also look at the market changes and the development of the market, to set the price of the leather.  

   Share your knowledge in daily life to distinguish real leather small: 1,. Touch recognition: use hand to touch leather surface, such as feel smooth and soft, plump, elastic is the dermis, and general artificial synthetic leather surface hair acerbity, rigid, poor flexibility; 2, visual identity: surface has the clear pore, grain leather, cow leather has the symmetry of the pores, buffalo hide, has the thick and thin pores, the pores of goat skin has been designed; . 3, olfactory recognition: leather has excitant strong plastic smell, the smell of leather with leather; After artificial leather fibre light pungent odor, and form a knot, leather fibre light after the smell of burning hair, and the fiber can't afford a knot; Leather leather price, the market will be a little expensive, in order to avoid you buy fake goods, hope it is of great help to you buy shoes. 

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