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What is the fire hose used for

Dec 10, 2015

   Fire hose is used to transport such as high pressure water or foam fire retardant liquid hose. Then what is the fire hose used for? The traditional fire hose with rubber lining, outside surface wrapped in linen woven fabrics. Advanced fire hose is made of polyurethane polymer materials such as. The two ends of the fire hose has metal joint, can be connected to another hose to extend from or connected to the nozzle to the increase of liquid jet pressure. The following is inventory what is the fire hose  used for ? 

   Fire hose fittings have hose bandage, peg hose, hose bridge, interfaces, manifold, etc. 1) hose bandage for fire hose leak, covering fire truck is one of the necessary accessories. With canvas belt and metal clamp and other parts. (2) is hanging fire hose, hose hook tools, in fire fighting, vertical stretch to high, water will take hook hose hanging on the ladder or other objects, can reduce the bearing down hose, and convenient for water gun hand manipulating nozzle water jet fire. Hose hook consists of canvas belt, metal hook, half ring. (3) protects the hose hose bridge cross traffic arteries, the shop will not affect the normal vehicle equipment, has great strength, compressive strength, durability, and convenient to pick up, etc. (4) interface sort is more, there is hose coupling, and tooth interface, adapter, interface, thread interface, etc. Used for hose and hose, fire hydrant, fire pump, nozzle jet device connection, etc. Can be divided into the form of the structure inside the button, plug and screw-type, etc. 5. The purpose of the manifold, a is a flow to separate two or more than two water; 2 it is used as a switch, with the aid of manifold can be turned on or off water from the hose line, don't need to switch to the pump, thus shortening the time needed for opening and closing water, ensure the fire water supply in a timely manner. Water segregator has two water segregator, three water segregator, and three of four water segregator. In conclusion, this in addition to being able to know what are the fire hose of attachment, also can know what is the fire hose used for? 

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