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Origin of paper

Dec 10, 2015

  We can see paper from our daily life, but do you know the origin of paper? To know origin of paper we have to know much about our history.

  No matter ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign all recognize Cai lun is the first papermaking inventor in the eastern han dynasty. In this way, origin of paper is from the eastern han dynasty. On this condition, we know the origin of paper.

  Cai lun use the bark, hemp head, old cloth, fishing nets as the raw material. Because the material is cheap, so the cost of the papermaking is low too. In this condition, it became popularization and application.

  As it recorded according to the western han dynasty it has been invented, but the quality of the paper is poor, which can not be used for writing. And in the late western han dynasty, the paper quality has been highly improved.

  So, the origin of paper is han dynasty. Cai lun has made big progress in improving the quality of paper. And he created a high quality paper in this condition. He expanded papermaking raw material, and also later a variety of plant fiber paper is widely used by us. Therefore, we should thank him and remember him forever.

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