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Paper manufacturer around us

Dec 10, 2015

  How many paper manufacturers in China? What kind of paper the paper manufacturer produce? How much do you know about the paper manufacturer? There are so many questions for us to answer.

   It is obviously that paper manufacturer is the manufacture to make paper, there are so many different kinds of papers and so the corresponding is there are also many kinds of paper manufacturers in our country.

  Such as the Kraft paper, it is a kind of paper that is tenacious waterproof packing paper, their usage is really wide. We often use it to make paper bags, envelope, album cover, file and sand paper, etc. The quantitative range of it is from 40 grams per square meter to 120 grams per square meters, it contains single side and double sidelight and they are different with stripes. The requirement for this kind of paper is flexible, strong and hard to resistant to break the degree. It can bear large pulling force and pressure.

  Paper manufacturer is all around us, we can hear the machine working loudly, and then we can see the products are very perfect. We should pay much attention to our paper manufacturer because it plays a really important role in our country`s industry.

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