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Paper type

Dec 10, 2015

We know many different kinds of paper type, and they have different usage in our daily life, how many paper types as you know?

Usually we divided it into six categories: printing paper and cardboard paper, writing paper, drawing and copying paper and cardboard, packing paper and cardboard paper, decorative paper in our daily life use, technical paper, processing paper and so on. So, there are so many paper type just around us.

We can often see toilet paper, and it often contains sanitary napkin, wrinkles, paper diaper, thin non-woven fabric paper, stickers, cotton paper, and rodents water-soluble medicine paper, tissue paper, wet tissue paper.

Another paper type is decorate paper, which contains decals, paper backing paper, glossy paper, decorative paper, glossy paper wallpaper, wallpaper base paper, plastic coated, wrinkled paper, adhesive paper, plastic thread surface board, gypsum board, the bottom paper, paper surface, film decals, ceramic decals interleaving paper, metal transfer paper, metal decals paper backing, enamel decals and so on. 

We have known so many paper type today, and they have different usage in our daily time, we should know their special characters and make full use of them to make our life more convenient.

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