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What is Paper image

Dec 10, 2015

Do you have any idea about the sentence “paper image”? we printing words and images on the paper. Even more, we printing colorful photos on the paper or textiles, we gathered a lot of pictures and printing them on the paper. Then, packaging it, the work is over.

What is paper image? To answer the question we have to explore. Paper image is a series of pictures gathered together and show people some feelings it wants to convey.  We can use some beautiful and bright pictures to convey the positive feelings. Certainly, we can use some dark and unpleasant pictures to develop the negative feelings. In this condition, paper image means a lot to us. It can influence our mind and our happiness, even the whole world!

In this way, paper image really means a lot to us. It is so powerful that we can not ignore it, there are so many image papers in our daily lifetime, and they effect us more or less to some degree. We can see paper image on the magazines, on the newspapers, on the books and so on. That is to say, we can see them almost everywhere! So, we can see its powerful strength in our life. It represents the change and the progress of the times. It more intuitive and easy for us to understand what you want to convey from the picture. Even you can`t read the words. Paper image has play a important role in our daily life.

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