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The yarn supplier and standard requirements

Dec 6, 2015

The yarn supplier, also is the place where the yarn for sale. In fact, no matter which a yarn supplier, to sell the quality of the yarn must meet certain requirements. So in knitting machine in the process of the formation of knitted fabric, yarn by complex mechanical action, such as tensile, bending, torsion, friction, etc.


   In order to ensure the normal production and product quality, yarn in knitting yarn, the supplier must shall meet the following requirements: (1) yarn should have a certain strength and extensibility (2) yarn should have good softness (3) line should have a twist. The three aspects of requirements, be short of one cannot, can attain the basic yarn supplier quality requirements. 

   In general, the knitting yarn twist is lower than woven yarn. If excessive twist, yarn softness is poor, not easy to be bending and torsion in weaving, also easy to produce kink, causing defects, make the knitting needle damage; In addition, excessive twist yarn to affect the elasticity of the knitted fabric, and make the coil produces skewed. But the knitting yarn twist also cannot too low, otherwise it will affect the strength, increase the beheading in weaving, and the bulk yarn, make it easy to fabric pilling, reduce the performance of knitted fabrics. Therefore, correctly choosing twist is an important way to reasonable choice of yarn. The purpose of the knitted fabric is different, twist requirements are also different. Single jersey for smooth, tight and smooth surface, clear texture, yarn twist to bigger, can be close with linear density woven with warp standard. Cotton cloth, spandex require soft, elastic, twist yarn should be slightly lower, generally USES the same linear density woven with weft twist under deviation. Fleece fabric yarn, to facilitate flannelette, and make the pile uniform thickness, twist requires less. After know these simple knowledge, yarn supplier can very safely on the sale of yarn. 

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