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Leather manufacturer and manufacturing process

Dec 6, 2015

Leather manufacturers, as the name implies, is the leather production manufacturers. Anything as long as it is related to leather, can be made. As living standards improve, people in the daily life of the choice of interior decoration and furniture also mining height are broken on the style of taste. Among them, the sofa is indispensable in our daily life.


   Through an example to illustrate the leather manufacturers under the leather sofa in the manufacturing process. General senior sofa leather leather materials for no brand cowhide, slaughtered, peeling, cutting, embalmed (salt/preservatives), through leather manufacturers shipped to tannery, started its manufacturing process. 1, early immersion: remove the salt of the original skin embalmed, and wash away the dirt of surface, maggots, manure and other sundry; 2, main flooding: for restoring the original skin moisture content and appropriate expansion, and keep its freshness, flooding agent must be added in the process, 3) hair removal and liming: this stage is very important, also is a difficult process. Leather is good or bad, in addition to the conditions of the original skin itself, this process has its quite decisive factor; 3, the first to join the sulfur sodium hydride (water sulfide) and liming agents, and add a little sodium sulphide and lime, and subsequent tanning engineering. After depilation liming rawhide called beige (grey naked skin), must be split, and divided into cortex and coconut cortex; 4, then ash: advanced sofa leather manufacturing, after the grey naked skin split, best to go through this again, model is complete. 

   These sophisticated step, step by step, after processing, leather manufacturer would have these made leather sofa, statistics, check, for final processing. In case the buyer in the process of using, bad things. 

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