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container weight

Dec 6, 2015

Nowadays, a huge amount of international transportation depends on sea transportation, which means container ship become a main vehicle for this kind of transportation. If the container weight can be reduced, it will save a lot of time and oil for the voyage. Therefor, container weight has been considered as a important factor for international transportation.

The imminent enforcement of mandatory container weight verification is causing widespread fear of disruption among shippers and freight forwarders, according to a new customer survey by INTTRA, the ocean shipping e-marketplace.

From 1 July 2016, shippers must ensure that the export container weight  is verified using one of two weighing methods and communicated to the shipping line in time for preparation of the vessel stowage plan.Without a verified container weight, the shipping line and terminal will be prohibited by law from loading the container on board a vessel.

The new rules about container weight have been set by international maritime law. Many of the details will be regulated at a national level. Keep an eye out for industry consultations in your region in coming months. Key rules that have yet to be confirmed include

Responsibility for verifying and communicating a container’s weight rests with the shipper. The "shipper" is the entity named on the ocean carrier’s bill of lading. The shipper may outsource the weighing task to third parties, such as a packer, hauler or terminal, however outsourcing doesn’t shift legal responsibility. Shippers should ensure contractors have compliant weighing equipment and processes before relying on them to verify container weights.

As the development of transportation technology, there are several methods to reduce container weight. We could be sure that in the future decade, no matter which country can control the way of making the lightest container, it can seize the possibility to become a winner in international transportation.

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