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Fabric supplier

Dec 6, 2015

  It is universally acknowledged that fabric play an important role in our life. But how many people know something about fabric supplier? Well, I will introduce one fabric supplier to you today. This fabric supplier does a good job in fabric field in China.

  First, we should know what fabric is. Textile fiber after the weaving processing is called fabric. China is one of the earliest countries to produce fabric. Fabric includes clothing, home textile, socks, blankets and so on. Today the fabric supplier I want to introduce to you is TaiLu. 

  TaiLu textile Company was founded in 1990 in China. It is a textile company with completely industrial chain from cotton breeding and planting to weaving, garments production. Because of its outstanding work, TaiLu has become one of the ten famous brands in Chinese textile culture. As a fabric supplier, TaiLu is the leader in China. 

  Now, TaiLu Company has machines more than 20000 with international advanced level which were bought from Japan, Germany and other countries. It can produces 178 million meters of yarn-dyed fabrics, piece dyed fabrics 80 million meters, 20 million pieces of shirts each year. And their products are in good quality and high technical content. What is more, the yarn dyed fabric, cloth fabric, yarn produced by TaiLu were identified as China Famous Brand in three-year continuous. As far as I am concerned, if you want to choose a fabric supplier, Tailu is a good choose. I believe its product can satisfied with your need.

  From 1990 to 2015, Tailu Company went through a hard road. With their constant efforts and creative, Tailu become a excellent fabric supplier today. And it has got lots of honor for its outstanding work. In addition, Tailu is a technology center recognized by country for its advanced technology. I believe Tailu will become a better fabric supplier.

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