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Fire Truck model

Dec 6, 2015

   In our life, we have seen some of the fire, but mostly in remote observation, not form a perceptual and rational knowledge. He made the fire truck model, well made up for our regret, let us to the fire brigade and fire fighting equipment have a deeper understanding. Below we will introduce in detail the fire truck model.


   He fire engine model, not only including emergency fire truck and rescue truck, also including foam fire truck, tank truck and ladder truck. As a result of these engines have different purposes, in the design and production, also should be kept separate.   

   Among them, in the design of emergency fire truck and rescue truck, pay more attention to the change of appearance. The two engines belong to a special apparatus, from fire-fighting equipment configuration, to the function of distinction, should be reasonable arrangement, can not talk about an approximation. He designers in the design of these two kinds of the fire model, try to start from scratch, from color to function, imitation are alive, let a person see the desire is a custom.     

   In the design of foam fire engines and tank truck, emphasize their function. It should be said that the main functions of the fire is the fire, the two engines are extinguishing fire engines. And, of course, they on the function of the difference, has brought new challenges to designers. Because in the performance of their appearance, but their connotation. Only unified, both inside and outside the class fire truck model perfectly.     

   Finally, when designing ladder truck to extrapolate, make people aware of their particularity. This truck belongs to high fire engines, in many can play a large role in the rescue. If the designer ignores this, will not be recognized model enthusiasts. In fact, he in to launch this kind of model products, is also the unique. When we understand the characteristics of these fire truck model, we can choose according to his be fond of the different models. 

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