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Fabric types

Dec 6, 2015

    There are many fabric types , in life, we know there are also many. Below we will introduce the specific fabric classification method.


    A: according to the forming fabric processing method for points 1. Woven fabric with warp and weft in a shuttle or shuttleless loom and fabric. The cloth has a warp and weft. 2. Knitted refers to using a root or a set of yarn as raw materials, to weft knitting machine or warp knitting machine forming coil series sets of fabric. 3. Nonwoven fabric to show without the traditional spinning and weaving process, composed of fiber layer directly textile (including composed of stitch-bonded nonwoven fabric yarn layer). Second, according to the fabric yarn structure points 1. Yarn fabric with single yarn weaving fabric. 2. All across the fabric woven fabric with thread. 3 and a half line fabric warp with stock line, filling with single yarn weaving fabric. Three points, according to the fabric of spinning system 1. Combing the fabric woven from combed yarn fabric, high-grade fabric. 2. Carded by carded yarn woven fabric, fabric is mainly ordinary mid-range fabric and industrial fabric. The three kind of fabric types classification method, is the most commonly used.   

    In the type of fabric, the fabric handle is used to identify the quality of the fabric quality is an important content. Specifically, the feeling of touch fabric in psychological reaction, because of the fabric of different varieties and quality also vary, the fabric feel effect, also have great differences. But on the whole, feel is the most important when fabrics and clothing of choose and buy. 

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