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The type of leather

Dec 6, 2015

The type of leather is different, its characters and use are different. Such as cow leather fine, high strength, the most appropriate production leather shoes; Sheep leather light, thin, soft, is the ideal of leather clothing fabrics; Pig leather good air permeability, water vapor permeability performance. The classification of the general leather has the following three methods of classification: the first is according to the types of animal skins, such as cow leather, pig leather, sheep leather, etc. The second is the end-use points, such as shoes with leather, leather used in industry, etc. And the third is according to the machining method, such as light leather, leather, suede and other categories. For the type of leather, below we specific to discuss.


   At present, the market popular of two kinds of leather with leather and artificial leather, synthetic leather and artificial leather is made of textile cloth base or non-woven base, respectively made of polyurethane Shanghai juji and the use of special foaming processing, surface feels like real leather, but air permeability, wear resistance, cold tolerance than leather. For this type of leather, everyone is common, so how the difference between true and false leather products? 

   Look from the exterior, the cow leather surface have small decorative pattern, feel is good, decorative pattern is deeper, his fingers at the top of the leather on the back of the hard outer surface pattern is still not disappear, but artificial leather and synthetic leather are obvious change will happen. Pig leather surface, have been designed pattern from the side, eyes deep pore, through the fiber layer, with clear eyes and pore pattern leather the reverse side. The sheep leather is light, soft, comfortable, the characteristics of small surface decorative pattern, clear, choose identification method is the same as the leather. Real leather and imitation leather can also cross section were identified from the surface, the real leather section has the reticular fiber layer and true cortex. Imitation leather only bottom and foam layer. It is this type of leather, let people have a certain knowledge of clothing of true and false, so as not to buy fake things in the future. I hope it can help you. 

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