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Fabric brand of New Group

Dec 6, 2015

   New Group, China's largest flax fabric production enterprises, flax, top ten enterprises in China, the Chinese fabric products, fashion fabrics for enterprises in China, unwavering independent brand idea for the new ladder shaped continuously for three years of sales growth. New "group through the brand to enhance the value of their products, enhance the capacity of competition, the ultimate goal is to make the new" group can continue to grow. It is the fabrics of the step by step, how to achieve  its fabric brand?

   New "group, was founded in 1998, is a high-end textile fabrics market oriented textile enterprises, combines flax product design, research and development and production, and implements the garment export one-stop service from textile materials production. Brand can become fabrics, it USES the French, Belgian linen imported raw materials, novel designs unique. The company has advanced the mackay jute spinning equipment 19000 ingot, Italy shuttleless loom 480 units, annual capacity of 3600 tons of spinning, weaving linen fabrics 12 million meters, and dyed half bleached finishing buda above 3 million meters. Personnel more than 3000 people. For a long time and Zara, H&M, C&A, nau, Liz ClaibornePerry Ellis, JackJonse, Target and other famous international brands has established the good relations of cooperation. Checked out the international advanced design and management philosophy, strict internal management system. Create a fabric brand with independent intellectual property rights of flax fabric. 

  And, in 2005 the introduction of Italy advanced design ideas to launch new product series of linen fabrics, textile fabrics from design, weaving, dyeing, finishing the whole technical guidance. Make new "style and quality of the linen fabric has the international advanced level, is the localization of the imported fabrics production. So as to realize their own fabric  brand. 

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