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Recommended camping brand

Dec 6, 2015

Now in many big cities, some people living in drab, compactness, and some people in order to make your life more rich and colorful, they will go to camping, so camping this industry is also gradually into the line of sight of people, a lot of camping brand has it, so what should we choose brand camping?

Most people choose to go camping trip may not be professional and high difficulty challenge the limit, and just want to go to the outskirts or set a tent by the sea, look at these stars, listening to birds insects, or just to temporarily away from the city to be close to nature. These cases need camping equipment brand is not high, below is the recommended brand of camping.

First is tent, domestic campers to buy more is grazing her cold mountain series, also some donkey to buy now more applicable kailin related series! Tent main consideration to keep warm, waterproof, lightweight, recommend a camping brand: acme industries, Colombia, snow Wolf; Then a dampproof mat, it is recommended that the blow-up lilo. At last, it is a sleeping bag, down sleeping bags, it is warm, the second is light. above is the recommended brand of camping.

If you are tired of the boring life in the city, want to add a little color to your life, first, you have to choose your camping site, and then understand the general situation in this area, such as altitude, air humidity, rainfall, temperature difference between day and night, and there is no danger of things to live in the area and so on, and then according to the geographical conditions of the region,then you can choose a suitable camping brand,  then with your camping gear, and go camping.

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