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How to create a basketball model

Dec 6, 2015

Basketball is a very popular sport now, every school has a basketball court, a lot of online games also are involved in basketball, everyone has his own favorite basketball model, then how can we create a basketballmodel with a computer ?

We often use the creation of the basketball model of computer software is 3 on3dmax, create a basketball type are divided into three steps . first, open the 3 on3dmax, press the M key, in the material editor device, drag and drop the first sample ball first sphere to the scene and then let go, make it become the first ball synchronous material. Second, in the material editor click below to open the" Maps "rollout. on the right side of the below" None "button, click on" Material/map browser "in the pop-up dialog box double click" Bitmap ".

Finally, click on the first ball, in the command panel, in turn, click the Modify/more/Disp Approx, give it exert "Disp Approx" modified, will it fall to editable mesh Objects, rendering is done again. the above is to use and create on3dmax basketball steps of the model.

A few points ago, NBA famous star Kobe announced in the end of this season to end his career in NBA,, his achievement is very high but like his people and do not like him as much, each person has a heart of Kobe, everyone has a love of their own basketball model,if you are interested in basketball model, can go to practice, try to use the above steps to play more, pay attention to parameter setting, hope that we can design a oneself to like basketball model.

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