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To identify the quality of the paper

Dec 6, 2015

    In our country, habits according to use the paper is divided into: 1, printing paper; 2, packing paper class; 3, daily paper class; 4, technical paper class; 5, other (special) paper. And, of course, we to classify these paper, first of all requirements for the quality of paper is very good. However, we should be how to judge the quality of paper? The below we through some hard conditions to determine the quality of the paper. 

    In daily life, the variety and quality of the paper is also in constant innovation and improvement. Good printing materials, printing paper quality guarantee is not doubtful. Then the paper brush is a main index of paper? 1, physical properties, such as quantitative, thickness, firmness, etc; 2 chemical properties, such as water, ash, degree of sizing, acid, alkaline, etc; 3, mechanical properties, such as tensile strength, breaking length, folding, tear, burst degrees, etc.; 4, optical properties, such as whiteness, opacity, glossiness, etc; 5, surface properties, such as smoothness, fine roughness, surface strength, evenness; 6, other properties, such as durability, associativity between the layers. So, through these hard Numbers, can help you identify know quality. 

   With the development of social economy, people's material life level increased, the requirement of the commonly used items in life is also high, people also want to buy some feel is good, simple sense is good paper, thus through print reading and browsing, to be able to get beautiful enjoyment. I hope you in life, accurately judge the quality of the paper, and thus with a good protection for your life. 

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