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Do You Want to Know Something about Yarn Size

Dec 6, 2015

  Have you know something about yarn and the type of yarn? Do you want to more information about yarn? Now , let us know something about yarn size, which is also as interested as the type of yarn. Yarn size is very important in the made of clothes or many other things. Different things requires different yarn size. Are you very curious about it? OK, let us go to the world of yarn size.

  Yarn quantities for handcrafts are usually measured and sold by weight in ounces or grams. Common sizes include 25 g, 50 g, and 100 g skeins. Some companies also primarily measure in ounces with common sizes being three-ounce, four-ounce, six-ounce, and eight-ounce skeins. 

  Maybe you find it boring to recognize the yarn size, very different from you imagination. But do you some factors which will influence the yarns size? Textile measurements are taken at a standard temperature and humidity, because fibers can absorb moisture from the air. The actual length of the yarn contained in a ball or skein can vary due to the inherent heaviness of the fiber and the thickness of the strand; for instance, a 50 g skein of lace weight mohair may contain several hundred meters, while a 50 g skein of bulky wool may contain only 60 meters.

  There are several thicknesses of craft yarn, also referred to as weight. Some of the names for the various weights of yarn from finest to thickest are called lace, fingering, sport, double-knit. This naming convention is more descriptive than precise; fibre artists disagree about where on the continuum each lies, and the precise relationships between the sizes.Another measurement of yarn weight, often used by weavers, is wraps per inch. The yarn is wrapped snugly around a ruler and the number of wraps that fit in an inch are counted.

 Yes, all we have talked about above is about yarn size. It is very complex and very confused for us to tell of yarn size. But you can try to buy some yarn of different sizes. I believe it will help you to know more information about yarn size. Go and try it!

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