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Type of Yarn Will Tell You

Dec 6, 2015

Do you know the type of yarn, which is very common in our daily life. I think most of us know something about yarn, but only a few people the the specialized type of yarn very clearly. Don’t you think so? Here , I will lead you to step into the world of different types of yarn and experience the mystery and attraction of all kinds of yarn. Now, let us began our interested journey.

  Yarn is a long continuous length of interlocked fibres, suitable for use in the production of textiles, sewing, crocheting, knitting, weaving, embroidery, and ropemaking. Thread is a type of yarn intended for sewing by hand or machine. Modern manufactured sewing threads may be finished with wax or other lubricants to withstand the stresses involved in sewing. Embroidery threads are yarns specifically designed for hand or machine embroidery.

  Yarn can be made from any number of?natural?or?synthetic fibers. There are two main types of yarn: spun and filament. Spun yarn?is made by twisting?staple?fibres?together to make a cohesive thread, or "single."Spun yarns may contain a single type of fibre, or be a blend of various types.?Filament yarn?is the type of yarn which consists of filament fibres either twisted together or only grouped together.  Thicker?monofilaments?are typically used for industrial purposes rather than fabric production or decoration.?Silk?is a natural filament, and synthetic filament yarns are used to produce silk-like effects.

  Except the two main types of yarn. Texturized yarn is another important type of yarn. It is made by a process of air texturizing filament yarns, which combines multiple filament yarns into a yarn with some of the characteristics of spun yarns.

  Have you know something about the type of yarn which you never heard before. If you find it interested to learn something about the type of yarn, the basic material in our daily life, you can search more information about it. And I believe you will benefit from it.

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