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What is a raft slab

Dec 6, 2015

What is a raft slab? Maybe it is not strange to most of those who love playing drift. It is a very exciting activity. What is a raft slab is so easy for them to answer; because they have seen so many rafts slab when they drifting on the surface of the water.

What is a raft slab

What is a raft slab? How they work in the water? We all know the word-buoyancy. There is no doubt that the raft slab uses the buoyancy to float on the surface of the water. And in this way it keeps the slab not to sink to the bottom of the water.

Certainly, there are many different kinds of raft slab. In this way, what is a raft slab? There will be another answer-A raft

Slab is reinforced concrete slab that is strengthened with integral concrete beams in both sides. We often use a raft slab to build new houses and extensions; most of the raft slabs made in Australian are designed according to the Australian standard AS2870. We often call it as the strengthening beams strip footings (because they run in parallel strips). The beams around the outside are edge beams.

What is a raft slab? How is a raft slab built? Yes it is a complicated process to build a raft slab. And we often 

Use it when we have to build new houses, so it is really important in our life, by it, we can live a wonderful home and feel happy.

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