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How is a boat scientific

Dec 6, 2015

We all know boat, but we do not know much about scientific boat. So, how is a boat scientific? That is due to the high-speeddevelopment of the technology. How is a boat scientific is left for us to explore.

In order to know how is a boat scientific, we should keep an eye on the boat industry. We know that on December 1, the 18th China international maritime convention opened in Shanghai new international expo center, and we know about the “thinking boat”. 

How is a boat scientific, we can keen on the thinking boat. It is green energy-saving intelligent model ship. It uses the “green dolphin” bulk carrier as its platform to realize intelligent demonstration method to build the ship. Intelligent ship is based on large data, using real-time data transmission and collection, the large capacity calculation,

Digital modeling, remote control and other advanced information technology, to implement the intelligent analysis of perception, judgment and decision-making and controlling, all of this is to make sure the safety of navigation of the ship.

How is a boat scientific? In some ways, the scientific boat will become the world`s most powerful vehicle for our human beings. There is no doubt that we will benefit a lot

Of it, and it will become more and more important in our

Daily life.

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