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Somthing about what is hoist

Dec 6, 2015

What is hoist? I think different people have differnt answers. There is no doubt that hoist cranes now have a wide application. Hoist cranes mean the cranes which install the hoisting parts on the mobile bottoms, and when they travel, they are mainly dependent on the mobiles. Hoist cranes are mainly used to transport and hoist the goods or other materials.

If we can well protect the hoist cranes, we can have a better usage of them. Besides, we can prolong the service life of them. Therefore, in this essay, it will briefly introduce the maintenance of the hoist crane, along with the meaning what is hoist. 

Hoist cranes have a wide application in the modern society, these hoist cranes are also called as flow type cranes. Generally speaking, the maintenance of the hoist cranes contains many aspects. For example, we should check the control pole firstly, we need to see whether it is put in the right place, and whether it is in good condition. We also need to check whether the safety equipments are flexible, the fixed parts are loose or not. We should see the internal side of the breaker, if it is not in the good condition, then the hoist cranes may have bad break performance. Besides, we should check whether there is any abrasion, damage and loose of the mobile links. If the links are in good condition, the hoist cranes can normally and smoothly walk, and they can implement the best performance of themselves. When we find these problems, we should immediately repair or protect them, so that they cannot continuously affect the normal usage of the hoist cranes.

Therefore, in our daily usage of the hoist cranes, we should pay attention to the normal and periodically maintenance and check. Besides, we should deal with the existing problems of the hoist cranes, we need to record the problems and well track them, until they are all solved. In this case, we can ensure good performances of the hoist cranes.

We need to well protect the hoist cranes, just as what have been said above.  And we can undertand what is hoist. 

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