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learn about the hoist means.

Dec 6, 2015

Hoist means have the maning that the tower crane workers, who can correctly operate the tower cranes, and make the maximum performance and usage of the tower cranes. hoist means is so important, that if we cannot make correct the hoist means, we cannot maximize the performances and functions of the tower cranes. 

Therefore, we today will learn together about the hoist means.

We may have a understanding of the tower cranes, so that we can better know the hoist means. As we all know, tower cranes originate from west Europe, they are also called as tower machines. Usually the tower cranes are composed of many parts, such as the metal structures, working mechanisms and electric and gas systems. For the metal structures, we also have many parts, including tower cranes bodies, dynamic arms and bottoms. The working mechanism is also composed of four parts, such as hoisting, frequency changing, rotation and travelling. Besides, the electric and gas system is composed of motor, controller, connecting lines, power supply boxes, illuminating equipments. All these equipments and facilities can ensure good performances of the tower cranes. 

Hoist means should ensure all the workers can totally understand the meanings and functions of the tower cranes. In this case, hoist means can benefit us. Besides, the hoist means should also ensure the workers can totally understand the usage information of the tower cranes. For example, when the tower cranes are operating, we should ensure the oil tank is working normally, so that we can provide enough and rich energy for the tower cranes. If the oil tank is not working normally, we should repair it or change it, we cannot affect the overall using performances of the tower cranes due to the certain factors.

So the hoist means should meet the above requirements, so that we can ensure good performances of the tower cranes.  

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