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What's led recessed downlight

Dec 6, 2015

 Led recessed downlight can be used at Office lighting, home lighting, Commercial shops, hotels, exhibition halls, art gallery, Museum, and so on.Specifications and product description: Input Voltage:110-240VAC. 50/60HZ .LEDs:30x1W .Wattage:30w.Beam Angle:80°.Color Temperature:3000K-6500k .Led luminous efficiency:≧2500Lm  . 

Power factor:≧0.9 . CRI:Ra≧75 .Material:Aluminum die casting+Translucent glas.    Working temperature:-20℃to+60℃ .Power supply: external isolation .   life:≥40000Hours . Diameter:φ242*H63mm .Hole size:φ210mm led recessed downlight uses the ceramic as the circuit board materials. The pulb which is made by a mixture of ceramicpowder and organic binder will be cut into green sheets after dry up procedure. Then print circuit and punch holes on the sheets. After this we use silver and gold to make the electrodes.

 Applied with blade coating technology in parallel printing, the multi-layered ceramic components are shaped after sintering under 850 ~ 900℃. led recessed downlight uses ceramic as dielectric material. It has stable dielectric constant and substrates of which can be stacked to more than 10 layers. These products enjoy a variety of excellent  properties, such as good thermal conductivity, high insulation and high temperature resistance. That the line width of circuit could be as small as 100um makes circuit more available for producing high powered led recessed downlight.  


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